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DACO joins in call to credit agencies on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico


DACO joins in call to credit agencies on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico

January 19, 2006
San Juan–The Secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Lcdo. Alejandro García Padilla, today joined in the request of the nonprofit organization Consumers Union, publishers of Consumer Reports, to the credit reporting agencies “Equifax”, “Experian” y “Transunion” for them to voluntarily publish in Spanish all information related to the free credit reports that all consumers have a right to access annually. García Padilla said that although the free reports are now required by law, they are being effectively denied to Spanish speakers in Puerto Rico and the U.S. because they are only available in English. “On behalf of millions of Puerto Rican consumers, I join Consumers Union in its request, because the right to free credit reports is a right that belongs to everyone. Good credit is of vital importance to consumers and for this reason, we call on the credit agencies to act fairly with respect to Hispanic consumers,” the Secretary said. Due to a new law effective in 2004 and implemented gradually in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, every consumer has the right to request a copy of their credit report once per year from each of the three of the credit reporting agencies. The Secretary once again expressed appreciation to Consumers Union for its collaboration with DACO, and assured they will continue working together in the future on behalf of consumers.
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