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CU urges wireless shareholders to support net neutrality

At Sprint’s annual investor meeting on May 15, shareholders will vote for the first time on a measure that calls on Sprint to uphold net neutrality principles on its wireless networks.

These principles support an open and free Internet. AT&T and Verizon shareholders recently brought up similar, first-time measures at their annual meetings, and the measures received enough votes to meet the threshold to have a place on next year’s ballots.

Today, wireless companies can speed up connections to preferred websites that pay for faster wireless service. This undermines the ability of consumers to access the Internet and website of their choice, and it influences how we use our smartphones and tablets.

Wireless networks like Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T should ensure that consumers have equal access to the websites of their choice. That’s why concerned shareholders are pressing them to operate under net neutrality principles, so Internet users have the freedom to choose where to get information, without any preference given to certain websites.

To learn more this shareholder effort and sign a petition to protect the future of an open Internet, visit the Shareholders for Network Neutrality web site.