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CU comments to the CPSC on all-terrain vehicles

CU comments to the Consumer Product Safety Commission on all-terrain vehicles

Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, understands that there are many ATV users and enthusiasts who are very attached to the ATVs and perceive any effort to regulate them to be a potential threat to their use and enjoyment of these vehicles. At the same time, CU believes that the steady increase in the number of injuries and deaths to users of ATVs over the past two decades is alarming, presents a hazard to these very ATV users and especially their children under age 16, and that Consumer Product Safety Commission should be applauded for delving deeper into the causes of the alarming rise in ATV casualties. We need to arrive at a balanced approached that allows safe use of ATVs by riders with the training, maturity and strength to handle them while protecting young people and inexperienced operators from injury or death using ATVs. For more click here (PDF format).