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CU applauds $3 billion commitment to facilitate digital TV transition

Consumers Union Applauds $3 Billion Commitment to Help Ensure Televisions Will Keep Working After Digital TV Transition
Senate panel commits funds from airwave auction to offset consumers’ cost
Thursday, Oct. 20, 2005
(Washington, D.C.) – Consumers Union today released the following statement from Jeannine Kenney, policy advocate, on the Senate Commerce Committee’s Budget Reconciliation Action on the digital television transition:
“By committing $3 billion from the auction of public airwaves, the Senate committee should be able to develop a meaningful program that will help ensure consumers’ perfectly good television sets will keep working after the digital transition,” Kenney said.
“With four in ten households and up to 80 million otherwise fully functional sets adversely affected by the government-mandated transition, this funding level will likely help offset the significant costs of the transition on many households.
“However, many important details regarding the transition to digital television must still be worked out. For instance, Congress must still describe how consumers will be compensated, and outline the level of compensation that will be provided. Importantly, Congress should also ensure that part of the airwaves be made available for open, public use to foster affordable wireless broadband services.
“We applaud the Committee for its efforts today, and look forward to continuing to work with members of the Senate and House to ensure that the digital transition benefits all Americans,” Kenney said.
Read the letter to the Senate Commerce Committee regarding the Digital TV transition
Contact: Jeannine Kenney, CU, 202-957-1013