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Consumers Union Statement on Senate Canceling Graham-Cassidy Vote

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senate leadership today announced that there would be no vote on the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, after it failed to gain enough support to pass. The following is a statement from Betsy Imholz, Special Projects Director for Consumers Union, the policy and mobilization division of Consumer Reports:

“The decision to not move forward on the Graham-Cassidy healthcare proposal is the best outcome for consumers.  Any plan that drastically cuts Medicaid and unwinds key consumer and patient protections is simply not a solution that will improve access to affordable coverage and care.  The impact of this bill on consumers and patients would have been more devastating than any of the previous failed proposals.

“Unfortunately, this misguided, last-ditch attempt derailed productive, bipartisan efforts in the Senate to strengthen and stabilize the insurance markets. As the clock is running out on the budget reconciliation rules, the clock is also running out on addressing the uncertainty in the insurance market. Insurers must finalize the products they’ll sell in 2018, and at what price, this week — some as early as tomorrow. Without immediate action from Congress to address this uncertainty, consumers could face fewer insurance choices with much higher price tags.

“There are several straightforward, consumer-first actions that the Senate should take to give insurers more certainty, strengthen the marketplaces and ensure that consumers can access affordable care. It’s time for lawmakers to follow through on their promises of regular order and bipartisan cooperation to pass a tailored, thoughtful remedy that truly serves consumers’ needs.”