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Consumer Reports urges recall of Cosco Jump, Spin & Play Activity Centers sold at Walmart

After numerous reports of support straps breaking and babies falling, CR calls for a recall and urges retailers to remove the product from their website immediately 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Consumer Reports (CR) is recommending that parents and caregivers stop using the Cosco Jump, Spin & Play Activity Center after numerous reports of support straps breaking, resulting in babies falling or dangling from the product. CR said the product should be recalled for safety reasons. 

The baby activity centers are manufactured by Cosco, a children’s product brand whose parent company is Dorel Juvenile. New products are available for sale through Walmart for $65.

“It’s unacceptable for any product—especially a baby product—to have this many alarming safety complaints yet remain on the market,” William Wallace, associate director of product safety at CR, says of the Jump, Spin & Play Activity Center. “This product must be recalled before any more harm is done. Cosco and Walmart should immediately carry out a recall with a full refund, and tell their customers what policies and practices they’ll change to better protect their safety going forward. Let’s create a safe environment for our little ones to play and grow.”

“Complaints have been coming in for two years, and yet nothing’s been done about it,” says Ashita Kapoor, associate director of product safety at CR, who flagged the issue for CR. “The severity of the incidents, along with the fact that we seem to be seeing the same issue occur repeatedly, make it critical that this unsafe product be taken off the market immediately.”

A recent investigation by CR found dozens of reviews on CoscoKids.com and Walmart.com in which consumers reported that one or more of the activity center’s straps suddenly tore in two, causing the seat to dangle sideways or fall. Other reviews mention one or more of the straps coming completely unhooked from the frame structure. While numerous injuries were mentioned, they did not appear to be not life-threatening. These reviews have appeared since January 2021.

In addition to customer complaints on company websites, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received at least four reports since July 2022. One Cosco Jump, Spin & Play Activity Center complaint involving a 10-month-old infant “caused baby to fall and strike his head. He was also dangling upside down stuck in the seat due to its extreme angle.”

CR has alerted the CPSC so it can investigate. The CPSC told CR it is currently looking into this issue.

Media Contact: Emily Akpan, emily.akpan@consumer.org