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Consumer Reports praises CPSC for lifesaving furniture safety proposal

Unanimous vote by Consumer Product Safety Commission advances rules to improve dresser stability, prevent tip-over incidents that send at least seven children to the ER every day


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Consumer Reports today praised the Consumer Product Safety Commission for its unanimous vote to propose strong new furniture safety rules. Under the agency’s proposed safety standard, manufacturers of dressers and other clothing storage furniture would be required to meet minimum stability requirements to protect children from being killed or injured in tip-over incidents. According to the CPSC, a minimum of 193 children have been killed in these incidents since 2000, and, on average, these incidents send an estimated 2,600 children to the emergency department annually – more than seven each day.


Gabe Knight, policy analyst for Consumer Reports, said, “Today’s unanimous vote is a critical step forward. We commend the experts at the CPSC who developed this proposal and thank every commissioner at the agency for voting to advance it. Consumer Reports looks forward to providing comments and remains committed to working side-by-side with parent advocates, safety groups, and companies toward a robust and timely final rule that protects children and gives parents the peace of mind they deserve.”


Currently, there are no mandatory rules to ensure that all dressers meet a minimum level of stability. Together with Parents Against Tip-Overs (PAT) – a group founded by parents of children who lost their lives from a furniture tip-over incident – and safety advocates including Kids In Danger and the Consumer Federation of America, Consumer Reports has pressed for a strong CPSC standard and congressional passage of the STURDY Act, a bill with bipartisan and industry support that would ensure the CPSC finalizes its work in a timely manner. 


Consumer Reports’ ongoing, multiyear investigation into furniture stability has consistently found that it is feasible for manufacturers to design more stable dressers and to do so at all price points. CR’s most recent test results, released in May 2021, reinforced the continued need for manufacturers to improve the stability of their furniture and for the government to urgently issue strong, sensible safety rules to prevent tip-over incidents that can injure or kill children.


Today’s vote by the CPSC, an independent federal agency overseeing the safety of most household products, was 4-0 in favor of publishing a notice of proposed rulemaking to prevent tip-overs. The proposal will now be open for public comment. One slot on the Commission is currently vacant, with the agency’s executive director, Mary Boyle, first nominated to the position in July 2021, yet remaining pending before the Senate Commerce Committee since that time.




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