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Consumer Reports praises appointment of Jim Jones as Deputy Commissioner of FDA’s Human Foods Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Consumer Reports is applauding the FDA’s announcement today naming Jim Jones as deputy commissioner of its human foods program. Over the past year, CR joined with a coalition of consumer groups, food industry representatives, and state and local regulators to urge the FDA to appoint an expert leader empowered to address the fundamental problems at the agency that have hampered its ability to ensure our food is safe.

“Jim Jones is a very good choice to lead the FDA’s critical food safety mission,” said Brian Ronholm, director of food policy for Consumer Reports. “With his leadership experience and work on the Reagan-Udall Foundation report, he has extensive knowledge of what will be required to transform the culture at the FDA Human Foods Program into one that is transparent, accountable, and focused on prevention. We look forward to working with him to put in place a process that includes meaningful stakeholder engagement to help ensure the FDA is better able to protect the public.”

A report issued by the Reagan Udall Foundation in 2022 concluded that the FDA’s culture, organizational structure, and governance model have undermined its effectiveness. Earlier that year, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf ordered an external review of the agency’s office of food safety following widespread criticism of its handling of the infant formula crisis. The report validated many of the concerns about the FDA raised by CR and a diverse coalition of consumer groups, industry leaders, and local regulators.

Michael McCauley, michael.mccauley@consumer.org