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Consumer Reports joins Antitrust Day movement to hold Big Tech accountable

Consumer Reports along with a coalition of nonprofits, companies, and individuals are uniting today for Antitrust Day to support proposed action by Congress to hold giant tech companies accountable for how they treat consumers, and how they hurt competition.

“We have an historic opportunity right now to take back consumer power online and pass legislation to support a free and competitive online marketplace. Consumers will benefit from more innovation, lower prices, better security and privacy, the ability to more easily choose, install and mix and match services from different providers, and more. Let’s get this done.”

Congress is working to pass new rules  – the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S. 2992 and H.R. 3816) and the Open App Markets Act (S.2710 and H.R. 5017) – both backed by CR and passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee with overwhelming bipartisan support. Similar proposals are being considered in the House. 

CR is calling on Congress to pass these meaningful tech antitrust laws that could end Big Tech’s abusive monopoly practices that limit consumer choice, crush competition, and stifle innovation. 

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