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Consumer Reports applauds the House Energy and Commerce Committee for advancing bipartisan privacy legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Consumer Reports applauded the bipartisan efforts of the House Energy and Commerce Committee for advancing the American Data Privacy and Protection Act. CR recognizes the historic significance of passing a national comprehensive privacy bill out of committee, as it would be the first law to extend privacy rights to all American citizens. 

Consumer Reports has worked with lawmakers to improve the bill on behalf of American consumers since the bill was introduced on June 21. We appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback to the Committee on how to make it stronger for consumers, and are encouraged to see many of our recommendations included in the latest version. CR is continuing to press for further changes to improve protections and to eliminate inadvertent loopholes. 

Justin Brookman, Director of Technology Policy for Consumer Reports, said, “We extend our congratulations to the bipartisan group of lawmakers and their staffs who worked hard to advance this historic piece of national privacy legislation out of committee. For far too long, tech companies have tracked and monetized personal data often without the consent or knowledge of consumers. Americans want and need baseline privacy protections more than ever to help safeguard their personal data and security. The bill is considerably stronger today than it was a month ago. We’d like to see more refinements, but there’s no doubt that this bill offers real privacy protections that don’t exist today. We look forward to continue working with policymakers on the legislation to ensure the digital rights of Americans are truly protected.”