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Consumer Reports applauds executive order mandating masks on airline flights

CR calls on Biden administration to adopt additional mandatory safety measures to protect airline passengers during the pandemic

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Consumer Reports praised President Biden today for signing an executive order requiring airline passengers to wear masks and urged the new administration to adopt additional measures to ensure safe travel during the pandemic.

“Mandating masks during flights is an important first step to ensure airline passengers are protected from the risk of contracting COVID-19,” said William J. McGee, Aviation Adviser for Consumer Reports.  “But mandating masks alone won’t stop the spread of this deadly virus for travelers passing through airports and flying as the pandemic rages out of control.  We need additional mandatory health and safety rules to provide consistent and effective protections at every airline and airport in the United States to keep travelers safe.”

Beginning last July, CR called on the Department of Transportation to work with other key public health and security administration officials to establish requirements to protect airline travelers from the transmission of the COVID-19, including:

  • How and whether to screen passengers and employees for COVID-19 before travel
  • Appropriate social distancing in airports and airplane cabins
  • Use of face masks and other personal protective equipment
  • Appropriate airport and airline cleaning procedures
  • Effectiveness of airplane cabin air circulation systems

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