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Consumer Reports and ConnPIRG urge the Connecticut state Senate to advance Senate Bill 3, an omnibus Consumer Protection Act

HARTFORD, CT — Consumer Reports and ConnPIRG announced their support for the inclusion of Right to Repair in Connecticut’s Senate Bill 3, an omnibus Consumer Protection Act. The bill takes a number of consumer-friendly actions including protecting the right to repair electronic devices, creating a broadband affordability program, ensuring network neutrality, eliminating deceptive marketing around prices and fees, and even allowing consumers to receive prorated rates when canceling streaming services.

The bill, which has 24 co-sponsors, is awaiting a hearing in the state Senate. Consumer Reports and ConnPIRG are urging the state Senate to advance the bill. 

“This bill would ensure that 3.6 million Connecticuters have the right to repair their computers, televisions, and home appliances,” says Justin Brookman, director of tech policy at Consumer Reports. “It reduces waste, saves consumers money, and offers individuals more choices when it comes to maintaining their expensive electronics and appliances.”

“When things break, you fix them. That’s why Right to Repair is common sense,” said PIRG’s Senior Right to Repair Campaign Director Nathan Proctor. “The Right to Repair reforms in this consumer package will ensure that Connecticut residents can access the parts, tools and information they need to fix the products we all rely on. And in the process, we can cut down on damaging electronic waste.”

Consumers across Connecticut have shared stories with CR, detailing the pains they have taken to be able to salvage their electronics at reasonable prices and with their local repair shops, and their dismay at unnecessary waste of valuable products that they use every day. Consumer Reports has also incorporated the right to repair into its Digital Standard, a set of best practices that CR uses to evaluate the privacy and security of software, digital platforms and services, and internet-connected products, as well as to help influence the design of these products. 

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