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Americans deserve a thorough, fully transparent review of any ACA replacement plan

Thursday, March 2, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Consumers Union, the policy and mobilization arm of Consumer Reports, today cautioned against plans to hold full committee markups on Affordable Care Act repeal efforts, reportedly planned for next week, before the analysis of the bill can be completed by the Congressional Budget Office, among others.

Laura MacCleery, Vice President of Policy and Mobilization for Consumer Reports, said, “Changes to the Affordable Care Act will have a dramatic impact on millions of Americans. Something of this magnitude should not be rushed or hastily pushed through the legislative process. Americans deserve a thorough, fully transparent review of any ACA replacement plan — including hearings with expert testimony, a Congressional Budget Office score, and a reasonable amount of time for all members to carefully review and consider new legislation.

“Coverage and care must be accessible and affordable for all, not just some. The proposal leaked last week fails to meet even the basic standards contained in the current law. Given the high stakes for consumers, and the grave concerns and outstanding questions that remain about this proposal, we urge delaying any markup until a bill can be fully examined, discussed, and considered.”

Consumers Union highlighted serious problems with the draft House ACA bill leaked last week. The consumer organization has outlined principles that any potential replacement should meet, and is sharing these principles with policymakers.