50+ organizations in support of the Financial Product Safety Commission

56 Diverse National, State Organizations Support Financial Product Safety Commission
These organizations strongly support legislation to create a federal Financial Product Safety Commission (FPSC) that would ensure the fairness, safety and sustainability of credit and payment products. It is now widely accepted that the current international economic crisis was triggered by the failure of federal regulators to stop abusive lending, particularly in the housing sector. By creating a separate agency focused exclusively on credit safety, your legislation will not only better protect consumers, but the entire economy.
Under this legislation, the FPSC would be empowered to ensure that credit and payment products do not have predatory or deceptive features that can harm consumers or lock them into unaffordable loans, such as pre-payment penalties, unjustified fees, or hair-trigger interest rate increases. The agency would also conduct ongoing research and investigation into credit industry products and services. In addition, it would provide consumers with high-quality information about how to avoid abusive lending or credit problems. This approach offers two crucial improvements over the current splintered, ineffectual regulatory system.
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