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Press Release

Consumer Reports and Minnesotans petition for Low- and Zero-Emission Vehicle standards

CR also submits public comments to state detailing consumer benefits, including nearly $9 billion in savings by adopting LEV SAINT PAUL, MN — Consumer Reports submitted public…

December 6, 2019

Press Release

Nevada plans action to protect consumers from the threat of worsening air pollution and fuel bills

RENO, NV — Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak today announced plans to begin the process of adopting ‘Low Emission Vehicle’ (LEV) standards for the state. Recent…

November 22, 2019

Clearing the Confusion: Recommended Common Naming for Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies

Four organizations – AAA, Consumer Reports, J.D. Power and the National Safety Council – have come together to adopt standardized naming for advanced driver assistance…

November 20, 2019

Press Release

Joint Statement: AAA, Consumer Reports, J.D. Power and The National Safety Council Unite to Adopt Common Naming for Advanced Driver Assistance Technology

(November 20, 2019) – As leaders in consumer advocacy, traffic safety and industry advice, four organizations – AAA, Consumer Reports, J.D. Power and the National…

November 20, 2019

Press Release

Consumer Reports: Uber crash should be ‘a wake-up call’ for companies developing self-driving cars, DOT, and state governments

NTSB investigation finds lax safety practices, weak oversight; CR calls for strong safety rules   WASHINGTON, D.C. — Consumer Reports today called for substantial safety…

November 19, 2019

Press Release

As Virginia plans 2020 General Assembly session, new survey of drivers finds broad interest in electric vehicles and supportive policy

Virginia drivers are interested in electric cars, trucks and SUVs, and want state leaders to make them more available to buy Richmond, VA — Most…

November 18, 2019

Comment to California Air Resources Board on Reforms to Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

The Clean Vehicle Rebate Program provides incentives for consumers to buy or lease low and zero emission vehicles, which is critical to reducing air pollution…

November 15, 2019

Press Release

New Consumer Reports analysis shows near-freeze of fuel economy rules would cost consumers $300 billion

Rolling back fuel economy requirements down to 1.5% annual increases would raise net cost per vehicle by $2,100 WASHINGTON, DC. — As the federal government…

November 13, 2019

Press Release

Consumer Reports: ‘Outrageous safety lapses’ by Uber preceded fatal self-driving car crash

NTSB reveals company’s reckless approach; CR urges strong safety rules for self-driving cars WASHINGTON, D.C. —  New documents released from an investigation by the National…

November 7, 2019

As administration considers new plan to severely weaken vehicle pollution rules, several automakers align with plan to undermine Clean Air Act

This week, several major automakers revealed where they really stand when it comes to protecting consumers. General Motors, Toyota, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, among other…

November 1, 2019

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