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Press Release

Consumer Reports urges California lawmakers to support proposed financial watchdog for consumers and small businesses

California Assembly holding hearing on strengthening state oversight of financial industry  SACRAMENTO, CA – Consumer Reports will call on state lawmakers to support Governor Gavin…

August 6, 2020

CR response to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) advanced notice of proposed rulemaking on Digital Activities.

If regulators fail to enact sufficient safeguards around the use of algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the risk is that these systems will perpetuate…

August 3, 2020

Consumer Reports letter to CFPB on proposed disclosures for time-barred debt

Consumer Reports’ comment letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on proposed model disclosure notices for time-barred debt.  CR notes that the proposed disclosures do…

August 3, 2020

Press Release

Consumer Reports urges CFPB to ban collection of time-barred debt

CFPB proposal requiring model disclosures doesn’t go far enough to protect consumers from shady debt collection practices WASHINGTON, D.C. – A proposal by the Consumer…

August 3, 2020

CR letter to Senate Commerce Committee in support of FTC Contact Lens Rule update

Description: Letter to the Senate Commerce Committee urging them not to include a provision in their recommendations for the new COVID response bill that would…

July 23, 2020

CR letter to Senate HSGAC in opposition to REINS Act

Description: CR letter to Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, in opposition to S. 92, the so-called Regulations from the Executive in Need of…

July 21, 2020

Consumer Reports letter urging the Senate to put consumers first in the next COVID-19 relief package

CR’s letter urges the Senate to pass legislation that enhances struggling Americans’ financial resiliency, prevents predatory behavior, and keeps Americans healthy and safe in their…

July 20, 2020

CR letter to House Appropriations committee in support of FTC Contact Lens Rule update

Description: Letter to the House Appropriations Committee urging them not to include a provision in their Financial Services and General Government resolution that would delay…

July 14, 2020

Press Release

Consumer Reports criticizes CFPB for gutting rules governing payday loans

CFPB’s revised payday loan rule will enable predatory lenders to push consumers into high-interest debt traps  WASHINGTON, DC – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s revised…

July 7, 2020

Press Release

DOT reports huge number of consumer complaints against airlines over failure to provide refunds for canceled flights

Consumer Reports urges DOT Secretary Chao to require airlines to provide refunds for travel disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis WASHINGTON, D.C. – Consumer Reports called on…

June 26, 2020

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