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Michael Hansen
Senior Scientist, Advocacy

As Senior Staff Scientist, Mike Hansen has been sharing his scientific expertise with Consumer Reports for more than 20 years. A biologist and ecologist who did his Ph.D. in the techniques of Integrated Pest Management, he has identified many an insect for concerned CR staff. He develops policy, testifies before government agencies, speaks widely at conferences in the US and abroad, and talks frequently to media on critical food safety and environmental health issues including mad cow disease, genetic engineering, and pesticide use.

Dr. Hansen has testified at hearings in Washington, D.C., many states, and Canada, and has prepared comments on many proposed U.S. governmental rules and regulations on food safety
issues. He also represents the organization at Consumers International, a federation of more than 250 organizations in 110 countries, at Codex Alimentarius and other international fora on issues. Dr. Hansen speaks on CR’s concerns on mad cow disease, GMOs, pest management, and antibiotics in animal feed, at meetings and conferences throughout the world. He is widely quoted in the

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