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Letter to U.S. Senate Opposing ACA Repeal Plan

Consumers Union, the public policy arm of nonprofit Consumer Reports, writes to express our strong opposition to the updated Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). The tweaks to this new version of the bill do not change its fundamentally flawed approach and will result in tens of millions of consumers losing coverage, the end of protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and devastating cuts to Medicaid. We implore you to oppose this harmful bill and vote against the motion to proceed. Given the bill’s foundational flaws, there is no amendment, one-time payoff, Medicaid wrap-around program,or carve-out for specific populations or states that can make this legislation beneficial for consumers.

 We are deeply troubled by the non-transparent and rushed manner in which the Senate is currently proceeding with this legislation. The public deserves a complete score from the CBO on the entirety of the legislation that the Senate will consider, including significant amendments, to understand the coverage and financial impacts. A partial score or the use of a score from a source other than the CBO is wholly inadequate for such an important decision. A measure that so fundamentally touches the life of every American — and accounts for one-sixth of our economy — deserves a full and public debate with sufficient time for the public and Members to review and understand the full implications.

We urge you to prioritize the health and financial well-being of consumers, to oppose a repeal of the ACA and any version of BCRA, and to instead pursue bipartisan legislation to stabilize insurance marketplaces where needed and contain the rising costs of care and coverage.